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2014 Competition Winners!

Yes - We Gave Away a Car!!

A letter from our winners...

Hi all at Just Property,

We don't quite know how to thank you all for today. We have spent the day finding excuses to drive the Mercedes and have covered over 100miles already!

When we first walked into your office back in May/June, buying the new house seemed a bit of a dream to be honest. We had come across a property on the Just Property website whilst casually browsing the market as people sometimes do. At the time, our own house was not on the market, the seller of the new house was looking for chain free, and we had not even begun to look at the financial side.

Despite this, and following an initial look into our financial situation, you arranged for us to view the property we were interested in. In viewing the property, our interest soon turned into a determination! We received guidance from you of the highest order; we felt under no obligation to do anything we didn't want to do, we felt in control the whole time, and we were able to build up a clear picture of the way forward, enabling us to make the right decisions.

Shortly after viewing the property, we had a seemingly unsurmountable financial hurdle to overcome and you recommended a mortgage broker 'First Choice Mortgages', who despite being independent from Just Property, seemed very similar in its friendly, professional and unpressured approach. This enabled us to put a chain-free offer on the new house before our own house was on the market. Perhaps due to our limited experience with other estate agents, and with this limited experience being poor, we decided to sell our own property through you. Again, throughout the process we felt in complete control. We were looking for specific photos within our house and wanted to play a big role in the sale literature. When we received the sale document for our own house for editing prior to publication, we were surprised how little we wanted to change before going live.

Whether through luck, skill, or a combination of the two (and we are inclined to think it was the latter), a buyer for our house (which we considered difficult to sell, although you always told us otherwise with great confidence!) was found within a week on the market. We exchanged on the new house three weeks in advance of the exchange on our old house which couldn't have worked out better. Everything worked perfectly, which really sounds too good to be true – but true it is!

After the weeks rolled by following the move, it was with complete shock that we received the phone call from you on Saturday to inform us that we had won the 2014 prize draw. We had been entered into this draw by default through the sale of our property, and although Nicki and I had discussed it with each other a couple of times throughout the sale process, we pretty much dismissed it as 'just another prize that no one will win'. Once we were in our new house back in August, and the weeks passed, the competition quickly faded from our minds as normal life resumed.

Nicki took the call on Saturday, and at first I seriously thought something was wrong as she started screaming, but soon realised what was going on: “WE'VE WON THE CAR!” Our old car was a 10 year old Nissan, and this new car a brand new Mercedes A class. Wow, what a prize.

If we were to sum up Just Property from our perspective, we would say it is all down to you (the staff) and the company ethos. Just Property is a small company with a handful of employees, all of whom are very approachable, caring and honest.

Further to this, you are all friendly whilst remaining truly professional. The key thing is that every dealing we had with all of the staff throughout the move was a pleasure. After every phone call and face-to-face meeting we had throughout the duration, we were made to feel as if we were the most important person doing business with Just Property.

Even after writing the above, we still don't quite know how to thank you for ALL you have done – both the move and the car! All we can say is thank you most sincerely from the bottom of our hearts.

And yes, we will happily continue to display the 'Just Property' sticker on the rear window with pride! It's the least we can do. Many thanks once again, and I'm sure we will be in touch in the future.

Phil & Nicki Duckett

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